Our recipes are based on traditional knowledge from herbal books and scientific articles. We are supporters of cosmetic minimalism – that is why our offer is narrow. Cosmetics can be combined and adapted to the current needs of the skin. Although our cosmetics are complete and thought-out when we present them to our customers, when new information or an opportunity to create a better packaging becomes available – we update them.

Cosmetics are made in our laboratory, which is located in Cybulice Małe – about 37 km from Warsaw. Then they come to our store, which is located at 25 Kopernika Street in Warsaw, from where they go to see customers.

Cosmetics are made in small batches.

Before a given cosmetic appears in our offer, it undergoes the tests required by law. In addition, each batch of the cosmetic undergoes microbiological tests in an external laboratory.

Glass packaging for cosmetics and perfumes is returnable we return them to circulation. We are constantly working to ensure that our business generates as little waste as possible and that as much of our packaging as possible can be reused, recovered or disposed of without harming the environment (hence some packaging is made of paper).