The smell of the Anthropocene

The smell of the Anthropocene is the smell of plants growing on the remains of building funadments, elements of reinforced concrete structures, fragments of bricks and broken glass panes The smell of wild flowers, stems, leaves permeates with the steel smell of rusting metal bars. The perfume contains notes of helichrysum, lavender, verbena, lemon balm,Continue reading “The smell of the Anthropocene”

Gloria – an announcement

We are slowly completing our work on the 8th fragrance in our perfume collection – Gloria, the work has been going on for several months. That is why we decided to annouce its release. Gloria, like glory and the highest point in the sky. Luminous, high and sublime fragrance. Like a morning procession, brisk, butContinue reading “Gloria – an announcement”

Perfume manifesto

In our work, we go back to the times when perfumery was a craft. The perfumes were made in small factories in France and Germany, from plants grown on family farms. The raw materials such as essential oils or absolutes, were obtained by the same families right after the harvest. The time when the harvestContinue reading “Perfume manifesto”

PAH Help for Ukraine

Hello, the entire amount (PLN 500) from the sale of Gift Cards “PLN 100 – PAH Aid for Ukraine” was donated to the Polish Humanitarian Action collection (link to the collection: ) Thank you for commitment and support. Regards, M&B

Reading: the article “On The Nose. How To Make Sense Of Scents “

Link to the article: In early 2021, The New Yorker published an article by Rachel Syme arguing that our experience of the olfactory world may be much more private than we think, due to the fact that it is shaped by the individual property of our memory. “Shaped by the idiosyncrasies of memory, ourContinue reading “Reading: the article “On The Nose. How To Make Sense Of Scents “”

TEDx Warsaw Women

In 2018, I had the pleasure to appear as one of the speakers at TEDx Warsaw Women. The event took place at the 6 Piętro Theater in the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw. The presentation is in English. The topic of my speech was: “Why what we put on our skin is asContinue reading “TEDx Warsaw Women”

Podcast “Natural Perfumes from Jan Barba” Do Trzech Razy Skóra by Monika Potaczek

At the beginning of 2021, I had the pleasure of talking to Monika Potaczek, the creator of the series of podcasts Do Trzech Razy Skóra about perfumes, the process of creating a fragrance, and inspirations. The interview introduces you to the world of perfumery, reflection on perfume ingredients, evaluation of perfume quality in terms ofContinue reading “Podcast “Natural Perfumes from Jan Barba” Do Trzech Razy Skóra by Monika Potaczek”

Second glass cycle

During the last bottle wash from packaging return , we focused on the so-called “non-our” glass. We decided that we would use glass that we received from our customers in the first place to pack ingredients of plant origin, from our new section, oils and oils . Similarly, we will first reach for any capsContinue reading “Second glass cycle”