25 Kopernika Street
00-359 Warsaw
Tel.: +48662727037

What do we do?

NOS-ART was founded in Warsaw. We specialize in creating fragrance compositions for:
– products: perfumes, cosmetics, diffusers, candles,
– brands – as an element of their identity: sprays for perfuming the inside of parcels, fragrance for shops/service outlets.

One of the most important elements of our activity is an individual approach to creating fragrance compositions. We understand that smell is not only a sense, but also a personal vision, memories and emotions. Therefore, we treat each order as a unique challenge, trying to explore the needs and desires of our clients.

Our fragrance compositions are based on dialogue with the client to create a scent that reflects their identity, values and goals. Thanks to this, each fragrance is unique and reflects the uniqueness of each brand, product or space. Fragrance compositions and scents are created at the individual request of the client, according to his expectations and guidelines.

We guarantee an individual approach to each project and full commitment. We cooperate with the largest suppliers of fragrances (essential oils, absolutes, resins and molecules) from Europe.

Who is our service intended for?

For people who want to enrich the experience of their brand among customers with a unique scent.

We will create fragrance compositions for:

– parcel and/or room spray,
– diffusers,
– candles,
– perfumes, eau de parfums, eau de toilettes and colognes,
– cosmetics.

How to get more information?

Contact us: