At the beginning of 2021, I had the pleasure of talking to Monika Potaczek, the creator of the series of podcasts Do Trzech Razy Skóra about perfumes, the process of creating a fragrance, and inspirations. The interview introduces you to the world of perfumery, reflection on perfume ingredients, evaluation of perfume quality in terms of the ingredients used. These are also my personal thoughts on the inspiration and approach to the world of perfumes. What is it guided by when creating fragrances, where does it draw impulses to create new fragrances, and why this creative process in each nose is individual, as is the process of creating any other art form. I cordially invite you to listen, and thank Monika again for your patience and making her platform available to me.

You can listen to the series of podcasts Do Trzech Razy Skóra here , and for more information about Jan Barba perfumes, please visit the Perfume website.