Idealne miejsce dla miłośników unikalnych i oryginalnych perfum i kosmetyków. Zostały stworzone z pasją i dbałością o najwyższą jakość.


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How our cosmetics are made

We place great emphasis on the fact that the individual ingredients are of natural origin and have proven effects based on research. We obtain oils and butters from raw materials that are grown in different parts of the world. They have organic farming certificates. Most of our natural cosmetics are based on herbal oil and water extracts. They are perfect for everyday care for women and men.

Cosmetics for body and face care (women and men)

In our offer you will find carefully prepared natural cosmetics for body and face care. This is a wide group of products, which includes, among others: Herbal Deodorant, Body Butter, Eye Serum, Aloe Vera Gel, B Cream, VitC2+PHA Serum and others. Each of them is made using natural ingredients and is subjected to the tests required by law. Thanks to this, JAN BARBA cosmetics are safe to use and ensure high quality of daily care.

Cleansing cosmetics

The second main subcategory of JAN BARBA cosmetics are products with cleansing properties. Among them are: Herbal Tonic, Enzymatic Peeling, Washing Gel and others. You can buy them individually or in a set. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the cosmetics from the JAN BARBA offer. These products are the fruit of our many years of studying source research and deepening our knowledge in the production of high-quality natural cosmetics. In case of any purchase doubts, we recommend direct contact. We make sure that our products meet your expectations. Check out our natural products offered by JAN BARBA. We invite you!