Body Butter

Idealne miejsce dla miłośników unikalnych i oryginalnych perfum i kosmetyków. Zostały stworzone z pasją i dbałością o najwyższą jakość.


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Body Butter - discover its unique properties Nutritional and nurturing effect is something that good quality body care cosmetics should have. Body Salve body butter from JAN BARBA meets these criteria. At the same time, it prevents the skin from drying out and increases its resistance to possible damage. As a universal natural cosmetic, Body Salve is also a butter for very dry, normal and oily skin. This product binds water, and the ingredients contained in it have a stimulating effect on the regeneration of skin cells and their reconstruction. It is a good protection against the harmful effects of free radicals and UV radiation. It is also worth noting the antioxidant effect of Body Salve. All this makes JAN BARBA body butter an invaluable support in everyday body care. At the same time, it remains safe to use. Body Butter - carefully selected ingredients and original recipe This product is available in the form of a bar. Body Salve is based on shea and cupuacu butters. In addition, the composition was enriched with vegetable oils (e.g. rice, sesame, sunflower, borage seed, macadamia nuts, avocado and olive). Other important ingredients of Body Salve include herbal extracts that soothe irritations and neutralize any swelling of the skin. Product enriched with vitamin E and sunflower lecithin. The whole thing is closed in a bar of an original recipe. As a body care cosmetic, it will meet the needs of even the most demanding customers. The exact composition of the product can be found on our website. Body Butter from JAN BARBA The advantage of JAN BARBA body butter is its simple application. Just apply it to damp skin and then gently massage in. It is an anhydrous product, so to maintain its effectiveness and to facilitate its application, it is worth melting a little butter on your hands beforehand. After use, the cosmetic leaves a protective layer on the skin, which will protect your skin from drying out in winter and against loss of moisture in summer. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the offer of natural body care cosmetics by JAN BARBA. Among them is carefully prepared Body Butter. Each of our products is made on the basis of an original recipe and guarantees high effectiveness. We invite you to shop in the online store.