Eye Serum

Idealne miejsce dla miłośników unikalnych i oryginalnych perfum i kosmetyków. Zostały stworzone z pasją i dbałością o najwyższą jakość.


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Eye serum - our original formula and carefully selected ingredients We make sure that every JAN BARBA product is characterised by high quality ingredients and an exceptional composition. The same principle applies to our Vitamin C Eye Serum, which is based on our original recipe. The cosmetic consists of an oil and water phase. We have combined herbal extracts and macerates, vitamins C, B3 and E, as well as pro-vitamin B5 and plant oils. The result is the Eye Serum that exhibits a number of desirable properties and is ideal for the daily care of the eye area and the corners of the mouth, the areas where the skin is extremely delicate and requires the highest quality care. How does the Eye Serum work The appropriately chosen composition of the vitamin C Eye Serum from JAN BARBA translates into the cosmetic's performance. Herbal extracts show effective action against swelling and skin irritation in the eye area. In addition, they promote lymph circulation in the body as well as strengthen and regenerate the epidermis. This is the range of properties that are desirable in your daily care. The combination of ingredients such as vitamin C and B3 effectively diminishes skin discolouration and has a brightening effect. In order to protect the vitamin C from oxidation, we used Vitamin C with an ethyl bond. Eye Serum from JAN BARBA One of the specialities of the JAN BARBA brand is high-quality facial care cosmetics. The Eye Serum is a perfect example of this. This Serum demonstartes a number of health-promoting properties and benefits the aesthetics and condition of the skin in the eye area. The universal formula is designed for use on both women and men. JAN BARBA's original Serum should be amongst your daily skincare essentials. Please see the product's description on our website. It is a product with a wide range of application for clients of all age groups. We encourage you to purchase JAN BARBA cosmetics from our online shop.