Women's and Men's Perfumes

Idealne miejsce dla miłośników unikalnych i oryginalnych perfum i kosmetyków. Zostały stworzone z pasją i dbałością o najwyższą jakość.


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Niche perfumes for men and women

JAN BARBA perfumes refer to the times when perfumery was a craft, and perfumes were made from extracts from plants grown on family farms in the south of France and Italy. This makes JAN BARBA's original perfume unique. It is worth checking and testing the fragrances on your own skin.

Perfumes - original recipe

The JAN BARBA perfume shop is a unique, original perfume for men and women. The originality and subtlety of fragrances will be appreciated by people who want to stand out from the crowd. At the moment, the JAN BARBA collection includes eight perfumes in the Extrait de Parfum concentration, including: AIYOKU, ANGLAIS, HYPRE, FLEURISTE, GLORIA, METAROSA, SÉRAIL and SUPERIORE. Each of the fragrances can be ordered separately or in the form of a set of 8 samples with a capacity of 1 ml. This allows you to get to know the profile of JAN BARBA fragrances better and choose the right one for you. Each of the fragrances is available in glass bottles of various capacities.

Perfumes - high quality and attention to every detail

During the production we care about the highest quality of our perfumes. We cooperate with the best suppliers from France and Italy, who supply us with raw materials from all over the world. Thanks to this, women's and men's perfumes with unique scents are created. We invite you to familiarize yourself with JAN BARBA perfumes. Their unique fragrances and subtlety make them perfect for both everyday use and special occasions. You can buy them for yourself or for a loved one as a gift. We encourage you to shop in our online store.