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Fleuriste offers a stimulating, slightly citrus opening, in which the floral-green leaves of Geranium rubbed between the fingers play the main role. After a moment, dry and balsamic notes of tuberose emerge, which plays a key role in the whole composition. Its creamy, oriental-sweet notes unite the whole, give it depth and enchant with their complexity. The base of the perfume is a rare absolute from Acacia Farnesiana, honey and heavy, highlighting the balsamic heart of the perfume.

Fleuriste is a lively composition, created from the creator’s passion for flower shops and their fragrance. In perfumes, the scent of white flowers mix with freshly cut stems, new buds mix with flowered petals, yellow centers of fancy flowers mix with small branches. The floral-green freshness is maintained throughout the fragrance, its balsamic notes only complement the whole composition. Fleuriste perfumes refer to the unique atmosphere of a flower shop filled with fresh flowers waiting to be assembled into a bouquet, with a crystal, illuminated chandelier hanging in the middle of the room.

Fleuriste is a reformulation of the Alhambra perfume with more emphasis on fresh, floral-green notes.


INCI: alcohol*, parfum**


** only natural ingredients: essential oils, absolutes and tinctures

Fragrance contain an ingredient of animal origins (no animals were harmed during the proces of its sourcing)

Just like natural cosmetics, natural perfumes can also cause an allergic reaction.


The perfume label was made on cotton paper, black letterpress printing, golden frame is hot stamping. Both prints were made on over 100-year-old printing machines from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. Our bottles come from the north of France, where there are, the last in the world outside of China, factories producing semi-hand-made perfume bottles.

Our perfumes with the concentration of “Parfum” stay on the skin for approx. 5 hours. All our perfumes are devoid of aroma enhancers, its durability and range. The natural fragrance persists in our private area and is a discreet highlight of our personality.