[1 ml / 8.5 ml / 30 ml]

Bartosz: “The Fougère perfume is a classic accord, in which the key role is played by the balance between a fresh herbal note of lavender and a sweet, warm-herbal, hint of spice-tobacco-nut coumarin. The whole thing is embedded in a wood-moss base.

The first perfume of this class was created in 1882 – Fougère Royal Paul Parquet – considered a turning point in the history of perfumery – for the first time a synthetic ingredient – coumarin was used. Coumarin occurs naturally in plants, but was much cheaper in the synthetic version. What’s more, it allowed to control its amount in perfumes, which in the case of coumarin, as a component of a complex natural substance, is not so obvious.

In our Fougère, the note of coumarin is achieved by using the absolute of the plant in which it occurs.

The perfume was inspired by conversations with my friend, a perfume lover, who introduced me to this family of fragrances. “

Originally, this fragrance was unisex since the 1970s. In the 1980s, however, it began to be considered masculine by associating it with shaving. We present it as a curiosity, because it is only up to a given person to decide what fragrance is to accompany them.

Among the product photos we have also included those related to decoration on our shop window. As a greeting to Fougère’s offer, a nose entered the window, with a literal scent – a scent that had grown, turned green and bloomed. It refers to the name, fougère in French means fern , and to one of the fragrance notes. The nose was inspired by an illustration from Bartosz’s notebook and made by Marta.

The perfume can color bright fabrics when applied directly to them.



COMPOSITION: alcohol, fragrance *

* only natural ingredients: essential oils, absolutes and tinctures

they do not contain animal ingredients

Just like natural cosmetics, natural perfumes can also cause an allergic reaction. Allergens (substances naturally occurring in the essential oils and absolutes used, classified as allergens): Citral, Citronellol, Coumarin, Geraniol, Linalool, Limonene.


The perfume label was made on cotton paper, black letterpress printing, golden frame is hot stamping. Both prints were made on over 100-year-old printing machines from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. Our bottles come from the north of France, where there are manufactories producing semi-hand-made perfume bottles in the world, the last in the world outside of China.

The bag added to the perfume, sewn and printed in Warsaw, is made of 100% cotton, tightened with a cotton string without a nylon center.

Our perfumes with the concentration of “Parfum” stay on the skin for approx. 5 hours. All our perfumes are devoid of aroma enhancers, its durability and range. The natural fragrance persists in our private area and is a discreet highlight of our personality.