Gift Card




Hello, we have added the “20 EUR – PAH Aid for Ukraine” card to the Gift Cards, we have put up 5 such cards for sale and the entire amount of their sale will be donated to the Polish Humanitarian Action fundraiser (link to the collection: https: // ). Regards, M&B
Слава Україні!

Our gift card can be redeemed both stationary and online – with an individual code assigned to it.

It is, it is a virtual product – you will receive an e-mail with the image of the card and the code worth the selected amount.

A virtual product is subject, in some respects, to the same laws as a physical product – we also need time to implement it, so you may not receive an e-mail immediately after placing the order. If time is of the essence, please get in touch.

In our stationary store, it is possible to purchase a physical gift card. If you are placing an order for our other products with shipping, we may add a gift card to it in physical form.

The gift card is valid for 1 year from the date on the card.