Our glass:

  • we accept packaging only after our products;
  • we accept them stationary (in our store or if we participate in fairs) and by mail;
  • regardless of the quantity, a 5% discount is available for the next purchase;
  • in the case of return by mail, please put aside as many packages as possible (or store them to meet us in store), we can give a discount before shipment – for already collected packages – contact us hi@janbarba.com;
  • for a minimum of 6 of our packages, we generate an InPost shipping label: courier or Paczkomat (only in Poland).

What happens with the packaging after return:

  1. first, we break them down into prime factors, check whether the closure can also be cleaned and reused;
  2. then we remove the prints, labels, glue and set aside to soak to get rid of the remnants of the content;
  3. then we wash them and rinse them;
  4. before use, it can still be sent for printing;
  5. and returns to circulation after disinfection.
return of packaging

All these activities, we currently do ourselves, mostly by hand, it is rather not “profitable” from the point of view of time and finances, but these are activities that seem right to us to lower the ecological cost of our actions.

We thank our clients for participating in this process.

We’ll try, at this point, for more updates from bringing packages back to runway. It turns out that collecting data and keeping statistics is quite a time-consuming activity that we cannot always afford to do in the course of other duties related to running a company. For now, we are considering how to start to estimate it.


– from August 2021 to April 2022, we washed 531 packages, on average there was ~ 0.37 l of water per piece;

– in September we sent bottles for printing, 311 bottles out of 599 in total, there were returns;

– from October 2021 to April 2022, we returned 105 packages (including 53 closures) to circulation, as part of other projects.

(It is worth noting that apart from water, cleaning the bottles also requires other measures, such as: electricity, washing liquid, glue remover, gloves, polishing paste – to wipe off the prints.)

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us: hi@janbarba.com