Our glass:

  • we accept stationary (in our store or if we participate in fairs) and via mail;
  • regardless of the quantity, a 5% discount is available for the next purchase;
  • in the case of return by mail, please put aside as many packages as possible (or store them to meet us in store), we can give a discount before shipment – for already collected packages – contact us hi@janbarba.com;
  • for a minimum of 6 of our packages, we generate an InPost shipping label: courier or Paczkomat (only in Poland).

Other glass:

  • we accept glass packaging for cosmetics from other companies: if it is a “standard” glass that was not made to order for a given company, because for such a packaging, we will be able to choose a new closure; if it is possible to restore them to their original state – remove the label, remove the imprint;
  • we will use such glass in our other projects;
  • there is no discount for them.

What happens with the packaging after return:

  1. first, we break them down into prime factors, check whether the closure can also be cleaned and reused;
  2. then we remove the prints, labels, glue and set aside to soak to get rid of the remnants of the content;
  3. then we wash them and rinse them;
  4. before use, it can be sent for printing (our glass);
  5. and after disinfection it returns to circulation (our glass for cosmetics; others for samples, workshops, storage of various substances in the laboratory).
return of packaging

We currently do all these activities ourselves, mostly by hand (apart from washing, that’s why we have a machine), it is rather not “profitable” from the point of view of time and finances, but these are activities that seem logical to us when we want to the ecological cost of our activity, the use of our cream or our perfumes was as low as possible.

We thank our clients for participating in this process.

We’ll try, at this point, for more updates from bringing packages back to runway. It turns out that collecting data and keeping statistics is quite a time-consuming activity that we cannot always afford to do in the course of other duties related to running a company. For now, we are considering how to start to estimate it.


– in August (2021) we carried out two washes, on the basis of which we estimated that on average we use 0.215 l of water to wash one bottle (207 bottles, 44.55 l of water);

– in September we sent bottles for printing, 311 bottles out of 599 in total, there were returns;

– in October, we washed 125 bottles and jars, on average 0.572 l of water for each package; on the basis of this wash, we came to the logical conclusion that the higher the number of bottles with oily substances translates into the higher amount of water used and we are going to test a different rinsing method the next time we wash it. For each wash we also add caps, or disassembled pipettes, which we do not count yet;

– in November, we washed 97 bottles and jars, on average 0.413 l of water for each package. We have introduced a different method of rinsing before washing, it has worked well. For one person, preparation for washing and washing such a number of packages is approx. 8 hours of work. This time, they were various bottles and jars, not only ours, not prepared for a specific project, but also those that will be used again in due course.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us: hi@janbarba.com