It seems that starting the new year with work on perfumes is slowly turning into a tradition – it has happened to us for at least the third time.

Although the idea for the composition we are currently working on came up in January 2022, now is the time to give it a physical form.

An idea, meticulously written down, is always a challenge – how to recreate a scent that only exists in your head for now?

Every detail is important. The questions we ask ourselves is what ingredients could make up the composition, what image we want to create, what colors it could be associated with and what experiences it could be associated with.

It’s hard to say why the New Year is an impulse to create new compositions. Perhaps it’s those few days off that knock the mind out of its daily paths it wanders.

A moment of respite allows the creative thoughts that form in the background of everyday duties to flow.

Certainly, the winter weather is conducive to this, which deprives the surroundings of the smell. The ideal situation is snow that covers the ground and rotting leaves, and frost that traps the smell of tree bark and leaves. Nature closes these scents for us until spring.

Is it time to talk about the inspirations for the next composition that have been enchanting our noses and heads since yesterday? I guess we’ll wait with that, but in the meantime, we wish you a great New Year!

To learn more about our perfumes, please visit the perfumes page. We would also like to remind you that the fragrance that we had the pleasure to present in 2022 was GLORIA perfume.