About us

Hello, it’s Marta and Bart, together we create the Jan Barba brand. At this point it’s worth mentioning that the name of our brand comes from the Italian word ‘barba’ (=beard) and is the result of Bart’s idea of the herbalist who is an elderly man with a long gray beard. The Polish name ‘Jan’ (= English John) was supposed to give him a personality, but it was also supposed to be a cluster of words that sound good together and do not necessarily mean something.

Our laboratory is located in Cybulice Małe, approx. 37 km outside Warsaw. You can find our addresses in the Contact tab at this link.

A few words about the story of Jan Barba:
  • 2013 – Bart mixes his first cream, which is natural, 3-ingredient, and in a very imperfect form. However, it effectively soothes the facial skin irritations Bart struggles with and which are exacerbated by the English weather.

    This is how begins Bart’s interest in natural cosmetics, their action, production, beauty and complexity of the world of ingredients derived from plants, as well as the old and new knowledge about them.

    The first users of the next extended versions of the cream become family and friends. Initially, it is a hobby with which Bart does not associate any career plans.

  • 2015 – Back in Poland, Bart meets Marta and they decide to set up a craft cosmetics company focused around substances derived from nature.

  • 2016 – The first face cream has been presented by Jan Barba – Bioelixir M. Soon it was joined by the Lip Cream and Herbal Tonic.

  • 2017 – We are starting to collect the glass packaging of our cosmetics to reuse it. We hope that this would allow us to lower the ecological cost of our activity. From the beginning, we assumed that we want to run our brand in an environmentally responsible manner.

    More information on the return of packaging can be find here.

  • 2018 – This is an important and intense year for us. Bart composes his first perfumes – Chypre and Superiore. The compositions are the result of a fascination with the history of perfumery and contact with the fragrances that accompany our work and their ability to positively influence people.

    At the end of this year, we also opened our first dream shop at 25 Mikołaja Kopernika Street in Warsaw.

  • 2021 – Our next commitment is to replace the ingredients we use with those from certified organic farming. The changes will take place gradually and we will inform you about them – appropriate informations will appear next to the ingredients. It also becomes our new standard for ingredient selection.

  • 2022 – We are working on the formula of a moisturizing cream that will take the place of Bioelixir M. We are in the process of composing new – eighth – perfumes. We are planning a renovation of the store … and we will see what this year brings.

Jan Barba
It’s us, Bart and Marta with our Enzymatic Peeling on our faces, illustrated by Zuzia. Instagram: @zu.no__
Our philosophy

Our brand grows with us, we grow alongside Jan Barba. We believe that knowledge about creating cosmetics and perfumes is knowledge about human. About its complexity, place in the world, relationship with nature, sensuality and the search for fulfillment.

We don’t know, and we probably won’t know everything. We believe that we can still refine every aspect of our brand, and we do so when new, relevant information is released.

Although the above words sound romantic, running a small business is largely the prose of everyday life, which we share between the two of us. As long as we feel that we want and can do what we are doing, this will be our path.


The character of our brand has recently been enhanced by, among others, Zosia Paśnik (link to the portfolio), who designed the graphics on our packaging paper

and Ola Szatkowska (link to the portfolio), thanks to which we have beautiful bags in which we pack our cosmetics in our shop. The bags are made of paper and have cotton string handles.