About us

JAN BARBA was established in 2015, it is a brand created by two enthusiasts, Marta and Bartosz. JAN BARBA grows organically, by word of mouth. We believe that knowledge about creating cosmetics and perfumes is knowledge about human. About its complexity, place in the world, relationship with nature, sensuality and the search for fulfillment.

Our goal is to design and manufacture perfumes and cosmetics from the highest quality ingredients that will bring value, both aesthetic and practical, to the everyday life of our customers.


The author of the perfume is the founder of the JAN BARBA brand – Bartosz Puzio, whose path to becoming a perfumer began with researching 19th and 20th-century sources on substances used in perfumery. Hence, the compositions contain references and inspiration to classical chords: chypre, fougére, cologne, transformed by the artist’s sensitivity.

The elements of the perfume composition are of natural origin, grown in many places around the world, including: France, Morocco, Italy, India, Thailand, China or Venezuela, depending on the occurrence of a given plant.

If it is possible, we use ingredients derived from plants from certified organic farming.

We decided on a classic packaging for our perfumes. Glass bottles are produced in France, while the labels in Poland, using the typographic printing technique, on an over 100-year-old machine.

Both 30 ml and 8.5 ml bottles are returnable, cleaned and reused by us.

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We specialize in cosmetics based on herbal extracts and oil extracts, that are delicate and universal. We select ingredients of natural origin with a scientifically documented effect. We choose oils and butters obtained from raw materials from certified organic farming. We create cosmetics that form the basis of daily skincare.

Glass cosmetic packaging is returnable, we return it to circulation, more in the tab: Return of packaging.

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